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Themesicon: navigation pathCyborg Bodiesicon: navigation pathCollective Bodies
Sunshine and Shroud: Cyborg Bodies and the Collective and Personal Self
icon: authorMargaret Morse

Text Summary

Charged Hearts (Richards, Catherine), 1997Curiosity Cabinet, at the end of the Millenium (Richards, Catherine), 1995Motion and Rest (Campbell, Jim), 2002Teknolust (Hershman, Lynn), 2001Taken (Rokeby, David), 2002The Giver of Names (Rokeby, David), 1991Tekken Torture Tournament (Stern, Eddo), 1999Cockfight Arena (Stern, Eddo), 2001Sheik Attack (Stern, Eddo), 2000Vietnam Romance (Stern, Eddo), 2003Velvet Strike (Schleiner, Annemarie), 2002Last Year by Color and Composition (Bollinger, Rebecca), 2001Drive (Crandall, Jordan), 1998Conversation Map (Sack, Warren), 1997Need_X_Change (Daniel, Sharon), 1998