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and did recordings with a group of Yanomami Indians for an exhibition in Paris at the Cartier Foundation («Yanomami: Spirit of the Forest,» Fondation Cartier, Paris, 2003). The piece is presented in a dark room in the museum, but I’m still relating out to the context of the whole exhibition, which is about the Yanomami Indians. Even when I do works that are so-called purely sound I’m aware that they are always sound in relation to a context, which is generally an architecture—a gallery space, etc.


I have also done work for the Internet (see e.g. «Tetrasomia» 2000). The internet projects are really thinking about the web as an environment for sound—like archives that exist online of environmental sounds; the interest of going to the Internet and listening to the ocean or listening to birds and frogs; and also thinking about what makes people create these archives. There is one archive that I found of a guy who only records sounds of poisonous frogs or there’s a religious site where the guy just records thunderstorms and you can go there and listen to


thunderstorms, but for him it’s his connection to God. So this idea of what we listen to and also why we make it public is very interesting to me and how do you consider the internet as a place for listening, especially to a natural sound when it’s appealing a natural environment.