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A Day in the Life (Heimerdinger, Isabell)Love Film (Heimerdinger, Isabell)

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totally new movement, as though the hands move with the flame across the screen. An almost narrative, poetic plain evolves between the two works. The photo-series «A Day in the Life» (2004) was also made in collaboration with Martin Glade. In fifteen images, the course of his day is shown as though a documentary film. Here, too, there is no way of telling how authentic or genuine this glimpse into a private sphere really is; Glade being an actor, he can perform it that way. The series was photographed by the Berlin photographer Nina Lüth. For my third 16mm film, «Love Film» (2004), Bibiana Beglau improvises a love scene with the actor Thomas Huber. It was important to me that they didn’t know each other personally. And so, on the one side, two professional actors react to one another; on the other, two people meet for the first time and lie naked in bed together. This invariably creates a real intimacy. My only stipulation was that, following the lovemaking, they speak to each other for three minutes. Their dialog is improvised as well. The film feels light and natural, which pleases me. It also has English subtitles. Alongside «Love Film,» I would like to shoot two other films: a meeting and a separation. Perhaps with the same actors.