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Toni Dove «Artificial Changelings»
Toni Dove, «Artificial Changelings», 1998
Photography | © Toni Dove

Toni Dove «Artificial Changelings»Toni Dove «Artificial Changelings»
video installation

 Toni Dove
«Artificial Changelings»

«Artificial Changelings» is a statement on how consumer economy, from the Industrial Revolution to the present, shapes identity. It is the first in a trilogy of responsive movies. It is presented as an installation in which one person at a time uses body movement to interact with sound and images. Viewers can take turns either as participants or spectators. The installation consists of a large curved rear projection screen suspended in a room with four zones delineated on the floor in front and some chairs for a small audience. The body of the piece contains multiple segments that offer the audience an opportunity to have a responsive experience with the characters and environment.
«Artificial Changelings» begins with Arathusa, a 19th century kleptomaniac. The thrill she receives from stealing is erotic. She dreams of Zilith, a woman of the future, who is both real and imagined. Zilith is an encryption hacker searching for invisible enemies and drowning from lack of focus in a futuristic landscape. She is also a dreamer—and a voyeur obsessed with power.