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Cindy Sherman «Sex Pictures»
Cindy Sherman, «Sex Pictures», 1992
Photography | © Cindy Sherman

 Cindy Sherman

b 1954, Glen Ridge, NJ (USA); attended State University College at Buffalo, N.Y., Ba in art in 1976. The following year she moved to New York City. In 1981, Sherman had her first one-person exhibition; she became known for her recreations of ›film stills‹ (1975-80 «Untitled Film Stills»), and used her technique of photographic parody to comment on gender stereotype, which Rosalind Krauss describes as the «erotic fetish that clouds every media image of the female.» Sherman conceals her own identity in her work, despite the fact that she uses herself as a model. All but her mannequin and bodily fluid photographs are self-portraits. Her series include 1980 «Gleams and Reflections,» 1981 «Centerfolds,» 1983–1984 «Fashion,» 1985–89 «Fairy Tale Disasters,» and «History Portraits,» 1991 «Civil War,» 1992 «Mannequins,» 1996 «Office Killer.»