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Jochem Hendricks «Eye Drawings» | EYE
Jochem Hendricks, «Eye Drawings», 1992 – 1993
EYE | Photography | © Jochem Hendricks
«The technical process is as follows. In order to draw I wear a special helmet which is equipped with two infra-red sensors, which are in turn linked to two small video cameras. Via the reflexes of the retina the infra-red sensors follow the movements of my left and right eyes simultaneously and this input is recorded separately by the video cameras. These recordings can then be digitalized, for each point on which the eye rests for at least a hundredth of a second can be located in terms of coordinates on the X and Y axes. These coordinates can then be evaluated by a computer – in my case, by all points being plotted in terms of the temporal sequence in which they arose and then connected by an unbroken line, whereby the left and right eyes are treated separately.» Jochem Hendricks (source: Jochem Hendricks, Augenzeichnungen, Vexer Verlag St. Gallen and author, 1993; publ. on the occasion of the exposition »Zeichnung« in the Kunsthalle St. Gallen, 1993.)

Jochem Hendricks «Eye Drawings» | EYEJochem Hendricks «Eye Drawings» | EYEJochem Hendricks «Eye Drawings» | Dr GretherJochem Hendricks «Eye Drawings» | Dr Grether (Detail)Jochem Hendricks «Eye Drawings» | Hand (left eye)Jochem Hendricks «Eye Drawings» | Hand (left eye) (Detail)Jochem Hendricks «Eye Drawings» | Hand (right eye)Jochem Hendricks «Eye Drawings» | Hand (right eye) (Detail)Jochem Hendricks «Eye Drawings» | ReadJochem Hendricks «Eye Drawings» | Read (Detail)Jochem Hendricks «Eye Drawings» | LightJochem Hendricks «Eye Drawings» | Light (Detail)Jochem Hendricks «Eye Drawings» | HoleJochem Hendricks «Eye Drawings» | Hole (Detail)Jochem Hendricks «Eye Drawings» | AfterimageJochem Hendricks «Eye Drawings» | Afterimage (Detail)Jochem Hendricks «Eye Drawings» | TimeJochem Hendricks «Eye Drawings» | Time (Detail)
Frankfurt/Main | Germany | Ink on paper | drawings

 Jochem Hendricks
«Eye Drawings»

Eye-drawings, «Augenzeichnungen», are drawings done directly with the eyes, without the slightest interference of the hands - the organ of perception being turned into the organ of expression. By means of technical aids (infrared-, video-, and computer- techniques) human eye movements are traced and digitized during the visual process of looking at something, so as to be able to do an ink-jet print out of these movements eventually. The body of works called Eye-drawings not only investigates the process of looking at everyday objects in the form of photographs or real three dimensional items, but primarily circles around issues of research and the visualization of abstract motives and processes e.g., time, reading, writing, drawing, light, and afterimage, culminating in the denial of the gaze: nothingness - the invisible is made visible by means of a trace.

Jochem Hendricks