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Rebecca Horn «Berlin Exercises in Nine Pieces»
Rebecca Horn, «Berlin Exercises in Nine Pieces» Exercise 8: Cutting One’s Hair with Two Scissors at Once, 1974
© Rebecca Horn

 Rebecca Horn
«Berlin Exercises in Nine Pieces: Exercise 8: Cutting One’s Hair with Two Scissors at Once»

In the first part of this final performance in the series, the actor Otto Sander reads out a passage of text. In the second part, Rebecca Horn cuts her hair. The simultaneity of her two hands' actions, the metallic clipping of scissors, and her resolute stare into the camera heighten the atmosphere of menace.

The Text of Otto Sander:
Tongues flickering, their heads move back and forth until the scaly skin beneath the throat is touching. The instant physical contact is established, they begin to entwine. The aggressive fighting dance of the two partners is characterized by a gradual, mutual loss of momentum and the beating against each other of their forebodies. The jerkily undulating bodies wind so tightly round each other that the two snakemen merge into a single body whose two heads move back and fro in parallel. The fight is decided when the stronger animal has pressed his opponent down against the floor.