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Saup, Michael; William Forsythe «Binary Ballistic Ballet»
Saup, Michael; William Forsythe, «Binary Ballistic Ballet», 1994
© Saup, Michael; William Forsythe

Saup, Michael; William Forsythe «Binary Ballistic Ballet»Saup, Michael; William Forsythe «Binary Ballistic Ballet» | play video

Categories: Dance

Keywords: Interaction | Body


 Saup, Michael; William Forsythe
«Binary Ballistic Ballet»

Michael Saup, in cooperation with William Forsythe, the Artistic Director of the Frankfurt Ballet, created a stage simulation with monitors that provided computer-animated abstract terms as pictorial improvisation directions, visible only to the dancers. The dancers danced to a digital program, though the audience could not see this. Not until intermission were the latter informed of the connection between direction and performance, abstraction and concretion. The dance piece remained a computer-supported performance, a digital, i.e. binary program, that nevertheless produced no multimedia surface.


Rudolf Frieling