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Jonah Brucker-Cohen «BumpList» | Bumplist Screenshot
Jonah Brucker-Cohen, «BumpList»
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Jonah Brucker-Cohen «BumpList» | Bumplist ScreenshotJonah Brucker-Cohen «BumpList» | Bumplist statistics

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United States

 Jonah Brucker-Cohen

«BumpList» is a mailing list aiming to re-examine the culture and rules of online email lists. «BumpList» only allows for a minimum amount of subscribers so that when a new person subscribes, the first person to subscribe is «bumped,» or unsubscribed from the list. Once subscribed, you can only be unsubscribed if someone else subscribes and «bumpsQ you off. «BumpList» actively encourages people to participate in the list process by requiring them to subscribe repeatedly if they are bumped off. The focus of the project is to determine if by attaching simple rules to communication mediums, the method and manner of correspondences that occur as well as behaviors of connection will change over time.

(Source: Bumplist Presskit)