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Gábor Bódy «De Occulta Philosophia»
Gábor Bódy, «De Occulta Philosophia», 1984

Gábor Bódy «De Occulta Philosophia»Gábor Bódy «De Occulta Philosophia» | play video

Categories: Video

Keywords: Theory | Space

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Berlin | Germany | 3' | Director: Bódy, Gábor | Edition / Production: Llurex Video/dffb | video tape

 Gábor Bódy
«De Occulta Philosophia»

The confrontation with philosophical and mythical themes—see the formal and experimental, film narration «Narcissus und Psyche»—was among the central motives in the work by Gabór Bódy. In «de occulta philosophia,» visualizing a secret knowledge concerning the nature of man with direct references to the Renaissance and Leonardo da Vinci, precisely the treatise of Agrippa of the same name, is reworked to a disassociating geometry. The use of laser beams structures the duration of the tape, which evolved from a collaboration with Llurex (Egon Bunne) at the dffb in Berlin, and was also published in the context of the video magazine «Infermental,» of which Bódy was one of the founders.

(Source: ZKM Video Collection)