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Michael Bielicky «The Name»
Michael Bielicky, «The Name», 1990
Photograph: Michael Bielicky | © Michael Bielicky


Categories: Installation | Video | Sculpture

Keywords: Object | Space

Works by Michael Bielicky:

Exodus| Menora / Inventur

Photograph: Michael Bielicky

 Michael Bielicky
«The Name»

This work is based on the observation that information manifests itself in spirals. Genetic codes are stored in the double helix; our solar system moves in a spiral through space; floppy disks store information in the shape of a spiral. Bielicky describes the idea behind ‘Der Name' as follows: ‘Light – a name – a code – information emerges from the dark (from 'somewhere') and becomes visible only via various media.' His installation consists of a metal spiral measuring 250 by 400 cm and seven small b/w TV monitors. Visitors can walk through the spiral like a tunnel, at the end of which is a black sphere – ‘somewhere' – equipped with a miniature TV transmitter. This transmits information in the form of a flame to the spiral and the monitors.