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Michael Bielicky «Exodus» | Virtual Tele-Performance
Michael Bielicky, «Exodus», 1995
Virtual Tele-Performance | Screenshot | © Michael Bielicky


Categories: Action | Internet

Keywords: Geography | History

Works by Michael Bielicky:

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 Michael Bielicky

During the early times of the WWW, a few Net art projects were developed which one could coin «virtual travelogs». They dealt with the link between real space and cyberspace. One of these projects was «Exodus» by Michael Bielecky. In 1995 during Ars Electronica he followed the route that Moses had taken on his flight from Egypt, and to travel Israel documenting the 4-day performance online. The unusual cartography is accompanied by more conventional maps, satellite images and a history of the trail once known as the «spice route».