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Michael Klier «Der Riese»
Michael Klier, «Der Riese», 1983
© Michael Klier

Michael Klier «Der Riese»Michael Klier «Der Riese» | play video
Germany | 82' | Videotape | Photograph: Frank Stehlin | Music: Bettina Nied | Edition / Production: Michael Klier/ ZDF Das kleine Fernsehspiel

 Michael Klier
«Der Riese»

An unconventionally constructed essay video on video surveillance in public space.
The video uses documentary material from remote-control surveillance cameras on public streets, squares, shopping malls, and transit spaces like airports and train stations, as well as pictures from banks, department stores, supermarkets, and private grounds and buildings. The combination of various footage in a realistic style creates the impression of a central surveillance apparatus as an anonymous, powerful subject that omnipresently sees everything without itself being visible.
Reinhard Wolf