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Knowbotic Research «Dialogue with the Knowbotic South»
Knowbotic Research, «Dialogue with the Knowbotic South», 1994
Photograph: Wolfgang Woessner | © Knowbotic Research

 Knowbotic Research
«Dialogue with the Knowbotic South»

The group called Knowbotic Research consists of Yvonne Wilhelm, Christian Hübler, Alexander Tuchacek and temporary colleagues. Since the early nineties it has developed data spaces in which visitors can rearrange abstract visual and audio structures. In 'DWTKS' they use data from various Antarctic research stations. The visitors move with a keyboard through sonds and visual data (so-called 'knowledge robots'), which appear on projection screens. The area around the South Pole serves as a model here: a relatively unexplored natural space with no history of civilization in the actual sense, but given a sense of location above all by technical measuring stations. Interaction produced a dynamic space – a hypothetical model of extended nature that is given a new aesthetic reference.

The Lehmbruck Prize for Sculpture (August Seeling Förderpreis) was awarded to 'DWNS' in 1996, the first itme its had been given to an interactive environment.