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Works by Robert Adrian X:



 Robert Adrian X
«Die Welt in 24 Stunden»

In the project «Die Welt in 24 Stunden» (The World in 24 Hours), artists from all over the world are connected in a nonstop series of dialogues that begin at noon on September 27 and end at noon on September 28 (CET).
During the 24-HOUR-PROJECT, 24 artists and groups from around the world remain in constant contact with the city of Linz in Austria. Initial contact with all participating locations is made at noon, local time, from the project center in Linz (on the broadcasting facilities of the ORF radio station). Each connection is maintained for approximately an hour.
Throughout this time period, visual materials are exchanged with transfers occurring VIA TELEPHONE OR RADIO FUNK, and with the help of SLOW–SCAN–TELEVISION (SSTV) or TELEFAKSIMILE (Fax) SENDER–RECEIVER-DEVICES. These simple, inexpensive, easy to find and accessible devices operate with conventional telephone connections or with the networks of amateur wireless operators. Though in the past, numerous telecommunication projects by artists have used computer communication, telephones, and satellites, this project is probably the first to include the worldwide network of amateur wireless operators. [...] Like similar events of the past, this telecommunication program conceived by artists should aid the development of the existing telecommunication technologies for individualized personal use.