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Milev, Yana; Lewandowsky, Via «doublage fantastique»
Milev, Yana; Lewandowsky, Via, «doublage fantastique», 1988
© Milev, Yana; Lewandowsky, Via

Milev, Yana; Lewandowsky, Via «doublage fantastique»Milev, Yana; Lewandowsky, Via «doublage fantastique» | play video

Categories: Film

Keywords: GDR | Montage


 Milev, Yana; Lewandowsky, Via
«doublage fantastique»

The structures of the film images of Yana Milev and Via Lewandowsky were produced by elaborately processing various materials: Yana Milev cut plastic strips to fit; hair, textiles, sand, and wood were then glued to the strips. The film projector transported the prepared strips through the projector lamp's beam of light. A camera filmed the 'material' images projected onto a surface. In the first part of the film, the sounds of a drum create the aura of an archaic world. In the second part, natural macrostructures are confronted with a hand that presses small objects under water. Structure, sound, and depersonalization of the actors leads to a loss of reality and the dramatic invocation of cosmological dimensions.