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Georg Nees «Untitled (graphics based on twenty-three-pointed)»
Georg Nees, «Untitled (graphics based on twenty-three-pointed)», 1965
© Georg Nees


Categories: Multimedia | Graphics

Keywords: Computer graphic

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 Georg Nees
«Untitled (graphics based on twenty-three-pointed)»

Along with Frieder Nake, Max Bense’s student George Nees was in 1965 among the first programmers to give the general public an opportunity of scrutinizing freely designed computer graphics produced on digital computers. The graphics presented in the 'Studio-Galerie' of the Technische Hochschule, Stuttgart, were based on the programming language ALGOL and the Siemens computer system 4004 in conjunction with a tape-controlled plotter ('Zuse-Graphomat').