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Georg Nees «Schotter»
Georg Nees, «Schotter»
Photography | © Georg Nees

 Georg Nees

«Schotter» is a computer graphic from the 1960s, produced by a structured operation by random generators that lead to the discovery of new images. This graphic visually displays the relationship between order and disorder, and the effects of change.

«Image 38 [«Schotter»] is produced by invoking the SERIE procedure [...]. The non-parametric procedure QUAD serves to generate the elementary figure which is reproduced multiple times in the composition process controlled by SERIE. QUAD is located in lines 4 through 15 of the generator. This procedure draws squares with sides of constant length but at random locations and different angles. From lines 9 and 10, it can be seen that the position of a single square is influenced by random generator J1, and the angle placement by J2. The successively increasing variation between the relative coordinates P and Q, and the angle position PSI of a given square, is controlled by the counter index I, which is invoked by each call from QUAD (see line 14).»


Georg Nees