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Alfons Schilling «Dunkelkammerhut»
Alfons Schilling, «Dunkelkammerhut» Dunkelkammerhut
© Alfons Schilling


Categories: Action | Image processing

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 Alfons Schilling

The «Dunkelkammerhut» (Darkroom Hat) is a mobile camera obscura worn on the head. It encloses the viewer in a picture-production-instrument—a machine for the experimental investigation of perception. As usually the case with a camera obscura, images from the outside world appear both reversed and inverted in the interior of the darkroom. No sooner the wearer of the «darkroom hat» moves, he becomes the producer of images depicted in the camera’s interior. So even the body plays an active role in the process of picture production and perception. The picture appears live. But since the device reflects an uncustomary perspective, the viewer must first learn to adjust the image to his own way of perceiving before he can move with ease through the space.


Heike Helfert