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Charlotte Davies «Éphémère» | Éphémère, «Seeds», Real Time Frame Capture
Charlotte Davies, «Éphémère», 1998
Éphémère, «Seeds», Real Time Frame Capture | Screenshot | © Charlotte Davies

Charlotte Davies «Éphémère» | Éphémère, «Seeds», Real Time Frame CaptureCharlotte Davies «Éphémère» | Éphémère Autumn Flux, Real Time Frame CaptureCharlotte Davies «Éphémère»Charlotte Davies «Éphémère»Charlotte Davies «Éphémère»Charlotte Davies «Éphémère» | Ephémère, «Bones (Ending III)», Real Time Frame CaptureCharlotte Davies «Éphémère» | play video

Categories: Virtual Reality

Keywords: Landscape | Body

Works by Charlotte Davies:


Canada | Concept: Char Davies | Sound: Dorota Blaszczak; Rick Bidlack | Software: George Mauro (computer graphics); John Harrison (custom virtual reality software) | Hardware: 1998 : SOFTIMAGE®|3D modelling, animation and development software; Silicon Graphics Onyx2 Infinite Reality visualization computer; 2002 PC configuration

 Charlotte Davies

«Ephémère» is an interactive fully-immersive visual/aural virtual artwork which furthers the work begun in «Osmose» (1995). The work is iconography evolved through Davies' long-standing practice as a painter, and, as in «Osmose,» is grounded in ‹nature› as metaphor: archetypal elements of root, rock, and stream etc. recur throughout. In «Ephémère» however, this iconographic repertoire is extended to include body organs, blood vessels and bones, suggesting a symbolic correspondence between the chthonic presences of the interior body and the subterranean earth.
«Ephémère» is structured vertically into three levels: landscape, earth, and interior body. (...)
During public installations of «Ephémère,» immersion takes place in a private chamber facing a large darkened space where museum visitors can witness the immersive performances as they take place in real time: aurally, as sound is generated by the participant’s behaviour within the work; and visually, as imagery generated from the immersant’s point-of-view is projected in real time onto a large-scale video screen. The shadow-silhouette of the immersant is projected live onto another screen, emphasizing the relationship between bodily presence and the immersive experience.
Char Davies