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Peter Roehr «Film Montage I-III» | Filmmontage I-III
Peter Roehr, «Film Montage I-III», 1965 – 1968
Filmmontage I-III | © Peter Roehr

Peter Roehr «Film Montage I-III» | Filmmontage I-IIIPeter Roehr «Film Montage I-III» | play videoPeter Roehr «Film Montage I-III» | play videoPeter Roehr «Film Montage I-III» | play videoPeter Roehr «Film Montage I-III» | play video

Categories: Film

Keywords: Exhibition | Montage | Time

Works by Peter Roehr:

Untitled (F0-83)

Düsseldorf | Germany | 7'

 Peter Roehr
«Film Montage I-III»

'I change material by repeating it unchanged. The message is the behaviour of the material in response to the frequency of its repetition.'
Peter Roehr (1944-68)
'Projection' was the theme of the exhibition 'Prospect 71', Düsseldorf, which showed a few videos (including Gerry Schum’s ‘Video Gallery’) among a large number of films, slides, and photos. Peter Roehr’s three montage series – presented in both film and video – contain black-and-white film loops, with such precise details as '11 x Tunnel' illustrating Peter Roehr’s concept of a time structure related to principles of serial music. The footage, partly shot by Roehr, and partly ‘found’, is composed of sequences of outdoor architectural spaces (tunnel, skyscraper, traffic, bridge, etc.) and of commercial images (hair, Gulf, Mileage, etc.). The individual sequence duration is seldom more than 15 seconds. Although the montage is abstract in nature, its impact is often dramatic. The examples selected here are 'Bridge', ‘Tunnel’, 'Skyscraper' , 'Spotlight'.