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Eku Wand «Poems by Ernst Jandl»
Eku Wand, «Poems by Ernst Jandl», 1989
© Eku Wand

Eku Wand «Poems by Ernst Jandl»Eku Wand «Poems by Ernst Jandl» | play video

Categories: Video

Keywords: Poetry | Pop

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 Eku Wand
«Poems by Ernst Jandl»

An oversize pair of lips announces a ‘graphic text interpretation with computer graphics and animation'. Poems by Ernst Jandl, in part spoken by the poet himself, form the basis of this early example of computer animation, which Eku Wand created with an Amica 2000 at the end of the 1980s. The basic arrangement consists of a grid-like mosaic of 25 squares, each almost completely filled with the same image of a mouth. Wand sets them in motion by retrieving lip positions connected with particular sounds and combining them. Free, ornamental patterns and rhythmic reactions illustrate Jandl's concrete poetry. The computer-generated video clip acts as a kind of optical synthesizer that, by means of a closed system, transforms sounds fed into the computer into visual events.