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Brian Eno «Generative Music 1» | Generative Music Parochial
Brian Eno, «Generative Music 1», 1996
Generative Music Parochial | © Brian Eno
Parochialkirche Berlin 1996, Freunde Guter Musik Berlin // Foto: Anno Dittmer


Categories: Audio Art | Software

Keywords: Generative Art | Music

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Berlin | Germany

 Brian Eno
«Generative Music 1»

Brian Enos' installation, «Generative Music 1» dated 1996 (exhibited within the framework of the 11th Urban Aboriginals Festival at the Parochialkirche in Berlin) was, as an event, rather unspectacular, but it actually had revolutionary potential with respect to its manner of production; the music was generated by a PC set up between two rows of pews. With the help of a software program called «SSEYO Koan,» it continuously produced short ambience pieces which were all situated within certain parameters determined by Eno, but which were changed each time by the computer brain. Eno said: «I truly believe that our grandchildren will one day say to us: do you mean you really listened to the same piece over and over again?» This program was able to select from among about 200 sounds and then compose a piece out of them. In this way, new improvisations and variations were perpetually created.