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Laurie Anderson «Headphone Hats for War Child»
Laurie Anderson, «Headphone Hats for War Child», 1995
© Laurie Anderson
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Categories: Audio Art

Works by Laurie Anderson:

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London | Great Britain

 Laurie Anderson
«Headphone Hats for War Child»

After the success of the 1994 «Little Pieces from Big Stars» benefit, Brian Eno and Anthea Norman-Taylor recruited more friends from the music industry to design pieces of clothing to be sold at a benefit fashion show and auction. Participating artists included Laurie Anderson, Michael Stipe, Bjork, David Bowie, Bryan Ferry, Peter Gabriel, Lou Reed, Michael Stipe, Peter Townshend, and Dave Stewart. Held on June 21, 1995 in London, «Pagan Fun Wear» was conceived as a midsummer's night fashion show and bacchanalian feast to benefit «War Child.» Proceeds from «Pagan Fun Wear» went towards the rebuilding of the Children's Music Centre in Mostar.
Laurie Anderson designed two functional but equally wearable caps in a mock-fashion design style: «camel hair and silk headphone cap» for tape and microcassettes and «poker/baseball headphone cap» for radio reception.