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Laurie Anderson «Puppet Motel» | Puppet Model (Screenshot)
Laurie Anderson, «Puppet Motel», 1995
Puppet Model (Screenshot) | Screenshot | © Laurie Anderson


Categories: Multimedia

Keywords: Pop

New York | United States | Programming: Hsin-Chien Huang (Design) | Edition / Production: Elizabeth Scarborough, Philippe Stessel | cd-rom

 Laurie Anderson
«Puppet Motel»

«Puppet Motel», an arts CD ROM by writer, musician, composer, performer, and photographer Laurie Anderson, is an imaginary universe made up of the interplay between light and darkness, mystery and poetry. This universe is populated by puppets and, of course, its creator, the artist herself. Wandering around the visitor is often tempted to put a story together from the succesive images displayed on a virtual TV screen in a ‹black jack manner› or from the objects found in a dim lit room but in the end he must realize that he has been chasing after shadows since the CD ROM does not belong to the tradition of the great narration. These three dimensional virtual spaces are crammed with ghosts and secrets: the visitor is constantly taken by surprise. He is trapped, over and over again, by the virtual setting so he must switch off the computer and start again in order to escape. This platonic vale of tears radiates an enigmatical atmosphere which, all too often, appears manneristic and over-refined.