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László Moholy-Nagy «Light Display: Black-White-Grey»
László Moholy-Nagy, «Light Display: Black-White-Grey», 1930
Filmstill | ©

László Moholy-Nagy «Light Display: Black-White-Grey» | Light prop for Licht-Raum-ModulatorLászló Moholy-Nagy «Light Display: Black-White-Grey» | Light Display Black-White-GreyLászló Moholy-Nagy «Light Display: Black-White-Grey»László Moholy-Nagy «Light Display: Black-White-Grey»László Moholy-Nagy «Light Display: Black-White-Grey»László Moholy-Nagy «Light Display: Black-White-Grey» | play video

Categories: Film | Sculpture

Keywords: Light | Object

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Germany | 5' 30" | 16 mm, s/w - stumm - 5'30 – 1930 | Archive / Collection: Bauhaus-Archiv, Berlin | mixed media installation

 László Moholy-Nagy
«Light Display: Black-White-Grey»

«‹Lichtspiel, schwarz-weiß-grau› was originally supposed to consist of six parts, but only the last part was filmed. The first five parts were supposed to show different forms of light in set combinations: from the self-lighting match, automobile headlights, reflections, moonlight, and colored projections with prisms and mirrors to the production of the ‹light prop.› The filmed part [...] consists of documentary photographs of a rotation light prop; and the large shots of the numerous discs, screens, mirrors, and ball-shaped structures join forces with the fades to produce an abstract play of light and shadow.»

(source: Hans Scheugl, Ernst Schmidt jr., Eine Subgeschichte des Films, Frankfurt/M., 1974, p. 611f, in: Goethe-Institut (ed.), The German Avant-Garde Film of the 1920’s, exhib. cat., München, 1989, p. 54.)