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Sommerer/Mignonneau «Life Spacies»
Sommerer/Mignonneau, «Life Spacies», 1997
Courtesy: NTT InterCommunication Center (ICC), Tokyo | Screenshot | © Sommerer/Mignonneau

Sommerer/Mignonneau «Life Spacies»Sommerer/Mignonneau «Life Spacies»Sommerer/Mignonneau «Life Spacies»Sommerer/Mignonneau «Life Spacies» | Life Spacies IISommerer/Mignonneau «Life Spacies»Sommerer/Mignonneau «Life Spacies»Sommerer/Mignonneau «Life Spacies»Sommerer/Mignonneau «Life Spacies»Sommerer/Mignonneau «Life Spacies»
5*4*6.5 m (W*H*D) | 1 Onyx2 Desktop size, 2 Projectors, projection screen 300 x 300 cm, totally black painted room (acrylic paint) except the screen, camera, spot lights, common software. | Archive / Collection: NTT InterCommunication Center (ICC), Tokyo

«Life Spacies»

«Life Spacies» is an interaction and communication space, where remotely located visitors can interact with each other through evolutionary forms and images.
«Life Spacies» enables visitors to integrate themselves into a 3 dimensional complex virtual world of artificial life organisms that react to the visitors body movement, motion and gestures. The artificial life creatures also communicate with each other and so create an artificial universe, where real and artificial life are closely interrelated through interaction and exchange.
A «Life Spacies» web page allows people all over the world to interact with the system as well: by simply typing and sending an email message to the «Life Spacies» web site, one can create one's own artificial creature. The creature will then starts to live in the «Life Spacies» environment at an exhibition site where the on-site visitors directly will interact with it.