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Blank & Jeron «Making Sense of it All»
Blank & Jeron, «Making Sense of it All», 2000 – 2003
Screenshot | © Blank & Jeron
Web-Link: Making sense of it all

Blank & Jeron «Making Sense of it All»Blank & Jeron «Making Sense of it All»Blank & Jeron «Making Sense of it All»
Germany | Concept: Blank & Jeron | Director: Provider | Programming: Blank & Jeron | internet project

 Blank & Jeron
«Making Sense of it All» is the URL of an Internet project by Blank & Jeron. The statement «making sense of it all» refers to the Internet in itself, which also explains the choice of a .net domain. For Internet users retrieving this page a main menu opens, and followed with the likes of a feature film’s leader using lettering in the form of GIF-file animations, and a small Popup window:
The «film script» for the main menu offers:
«making sense of it all» (black)—fade out
fade in «directed by» (white)—fade out
fade in «your provider»