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Carolee Schneemann «Meat Joy»
Carolee Schneemann, «Meat Joy», 1964
Photography | © Carolee Schneemann

Carolee Schneemann «Meat Joy»Carolee Schneemann «Meat Joy»

Categories: Theatre

Keywords: Body | Feminism

Works by Carolee Schneemann:

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Paris | France | Kinetisches Theater, 60-80 min., 16mm Film auf Video, color, Ton, 6 min. | Archive / Collection: Kunsthaus Zürich, Zurich | performance

 Carolee Schneemann
«Meat Joy»

First performed as part of the First Festival of Free Expression at the American Center in Paris, and later at Judson Memorial Church in NYC. Carolee Schneemann, influenced by Antonin Artaud and Wilhelm Reich's psychological theories, celebrated the sensuous flesh in all its aspects as an intermedia performance with couples acting on stage using materials like paint, blood to various dance and sound elements:
«There were many reasons for my use of the naked body in my Kinetic Theater works: to break into the taboos against the vitality of the naked body in movement, to eroticize my guilt-ridden culture and further to confound this culture’s sexual rigidities—that the life of the body is more variously expressive than a sex-negative society can admit.»

Carolee Schneemann

(source: Carolee Schneemann, More Than Meat Joy, p. 194.)


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