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Paul Garrin «Name.Space»
Paul Garrin, «Name.Space», 1991
© Paul Garrin

 Paul Garrin

With his project, «,» media artist Paul Garrin entered headlong into an international debate (NYT, Economist, Die Zeit, and other publications). Heading his mini-firm, Paul Garrin Media, he tries to break through the monopoly of Internic or Network Solutions Inc. on the assigning of name in the Web. Although such technicians have their doubts about the technical side of while they also sympathize with the project's contents, and although the chance of Garrin's becoming a lasting success as a monopoly breaker is rather unlikely, the project harbors an enormous explosiveness. As the name spaces of the WWW, especially of the .com domain, are already hopelessly overcrowded. The fear of many firms is not being able to bring their web address in agreement with their real marketing name.

(Source: Pit Schulz,