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United States | 1 Projektor, 1 Monitor, 1 Videokamera, 1 Computer, 2 Laserdisc-Player, Gitter, Stacheldraht

 Paul Garrin
«Yuppie Ghetto with a Watchdog»

In this early interactive installation a Yuppie party from Garrin’s videotape »Free Society« is projected onto a wall. The ‹ghetto› is guarded by a fence, barbed wire, and a watchdog on a monitor in front of the wall. A videocamera that surveys the space automatically signals the watchdog when a potential intruder comes too close. Spray cans, distributed in the exhibitions space, animate the visitor to cover the walls of the space with graffiti and comments. Over time the interior of the art space mirrors the urban space outside with its sign and code language.