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Frederike Pezold «In the Empire of the Nose»
Frederike Pezold, «In the Empire of the Nose», 1976 – 1977
© Frederike Pezold

 Frederike Pezold
«In the Empire of the Nose»

The enlargement of certain parts of the body is a primary stylistic device by which Friederike Pezold casts a different perspective on the human body (usually her own). In addition to video works, she has accomplished several series of photographs with a character reminiscent of animated sequences. This 'expedition' to the Empire of the Nose was accompanied by an ironical commentary by the artist: 'After climbing several lofty bridges, I came by the nostrils on the way down. Unlike other cave-like objects, which are long since petrified and dead, these ones are alive. Their organic architecture changes constantly, producing a rich variety of shapes and colours.'