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Frederike Pezold «Madame Cucumatz»
Frederike Pezold, «Madame Cucumatz», 1970 – 1975
© Frederike Pezold

 Frederike Pezold

*1945 in Vienna (A); studies art and psychology in Munich (D); begins her artistic career in 1969 with painting, drawing and photography; 1971 first use of video in conjunction with body art, embarks on the development of the «new embodied sign language» in order to incorporate specifically female traditions beyond purely formalistic research which, eventually, leads her to the propagation of her own mythology; yet her works are not so much a feminist perspective on the body rather than a total synthesis of western and eastern aesthetics, abstraction and realism, nature and technology; in 1995 founds the «First Vienna Museum of Video Art & Body Art.» Lives in Vienna.