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Alexander Hahn «Of Shadow & Light - Riddle of Images»
Alexander Hahn, «Of Shadow & Light - Riddle of Images», 1992 – 1993
Photograph: Arno Garrels | © Alexander Hahn

Alexander Hahn «Of Shadow & Light - Riddle of Images»Alexander Hahn «Of Shadow & Light - Riddle of Images»
Photograph: Arno Garrels

 Alexander Hahn
«Of Shadow & Light - Riddle of Images»

Arranged in front of and behind a reflecting pane of glass are three naked cathode-ray tubes which, together with their reflections, build two rows of three monitors. Heads flash into view then disappear again at brief intervals. They are like the diffuse images sometimes present in the mind when one wakes up in the morning, the images that vanish before their meaning is clear. It is a work inquiring into the structure of the memory, about the puzzling location of dark visual memories – those often unexpected dream-like sequences that shimmer on the surface of the consciousness.