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Paul Thek «n.T.» | n.T. (Television Analyzations)
Paul Thek, «n.T.» (from the serie Television Analyzations), 1963 (?)
n.T. (Television Analyzations) | Photography | Photograph: D. James Dee | © Paul Thek

Italy | 104*104 cm (W*H) | oil on canvas

 Paul Thek
«n.T.: (from the serie Television Analyzations)»

In a series of paintings entitled «Televsion Analyzation,» Thek paints using the TV image as his model. One of these works shows in close-up, for the most part, the mouth and neck of a woman wearing a string of pearls. Other paintings focus on greatly modified found images, for example a duplication of motifs resembling technical disturbances in faulty TV reception. Commenting on his work, Paul Thek writes: «I’m extremely interested in using and painting the new images of our age, most of all television and cinematic images. Isolated and reversed, these images offer me a wealth of exciting sources that I even consider a new mythology.»

(source: catalog Paul Thek, The Wonderful World That Almost Was, Berlin, 1995, p. 185.)