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Bill Seaman «Passage Sets»
Bill Seaman, «Passage Sets» One Pulls Pivots at the Tip of the Tongue, 1995

Japan | 30' | 9*5 m (W*D) | dt: 3 Projektionen á 220 x 300 cm, Videoprojektor, 2 Datenprojektoren, Laserdisk-Player, Video/Audio auf Laserdisk, Verstärker, 2 Lautsprecher, Trackball, 1 Nutzer, Trackball-Ständer, Umax Pulser 150, Apple Performa, Macromedia Director. en: 3 projections 220 x 300 cm, video projector, 2 data projectors, laserdisc player, video/audio on laserdisc, amplifier, 2 speakers, trackball, 1 user, trackball stand, Umax Pulser 150, Apple Performa, Macromedia Director. | Concept: Bill Seaman | Camera: Bill Seaman | Sound: Shin-ichi Takahashi | Music: Bill Seaman, Tony Wheeler (Sax), Chatherine Hewgill (Violoncello) | Participants: Jenny Almendinger, Yasuaki Matsumoto | Programming: Christian Ziegler | Schnitt: ZKM Karlsruhe | Edition / Production: Bill Seaman, Andrew McClellan / ICC Tokyo / ZKM | Archive / Collection: ZKM Videosammlung, Karlsruhe | interactive installation

 Bill Seaman
«Passage Sets: One Pulls Pivots at the Tip of the Tongue»

“Passage” as text, as travel, as change over time, as architecture. “Set” as pair, as illusionistic architecture, as device “Set” as in mathematics. A series of haiku-like “passages” make up the work presenting architectural images shot in and around Tokyo—contrasting the modern and the ancient, focusing on light; in Karlsruhe, Germany, antiquated vehicles cross, dock, and continue on their trajectories. The subject matter is presented as a poetic set of musings and projections dealing with notions of sensuality/sexuality and identity in cyberspace in contrast with the “nature” of avtual spaces.


Rudolf Frieling