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Bill Seaman «The Exquisite Mechanism of Shivers» | Screenshot from the CD artintact1
Bill Seaman, «The Exquisite Mechanism of Shivers», 1991
Screenshot from the CD artintact1, 1994 | Screenshot | ©

Australia | 28' | Concept: Bill Seaman | Director: Bill Seaman | Camera: Bill Seaman | Sound: Bill Seaman | Music: Suhanya Raffel (Cello), Bill Seaman | Programming: New York Production and Design Crows Nest | Schnitt: Bill Seaman, Bernadette Jones | Edition / Production: Bill Seaman / ICC Tokio | Archive / Collection: ZKM Videosammlung, Karlsruhe

 Bill Seaman

b 1956 (USA); 1975–1977 Rhode Island School of Design; 1979 B.F.A. San Francisco Art Institute; 1985 M.A. in Visual Studies at M.I.T; 1982 Adjunct Faculty, Sculpture Department, Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, RI; 1986/87, 1989 Lecturer, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA: 1987-88; Adjunct Faculty, Video Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, R.I.; 1990 Lecturer, Sydney College of the Arts, University of Sydney and 1992-95 Senior Lecturer, Media Art College of Fine Arts, University of New South Wales; 1996-99 Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Program Imaging and Digital Arts, University of Maryland, Baltimore, Maryland; 1999-2002 Professor, Department of Design and Media Arts, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA; Head, Digital Media Department, Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, R.I.; 1993–1994 artist-in-residence at ICC Tokyo (J) and ZKM Karlsruhe (D); 1995 at C3-Center for Culture & Communication; Budapest (H); Ph.D. at the University of Wales, Centre for Advanced Inquiry into Interactive Art; lives in Providence, RI.
Bill Seaman's work has developed a unique visual language. His early videotapes already explored image-text combinations. The interactive installations of the 1990s confront the visitor with a high potential of combinations of text, still images and moving images in an attempt to offer parallel accesses to narrative. The intensity of the work is driven by a tight texture of individually readable structures offered in a poetic space.