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Patricia Piccinini «Protein Lattice»
Patricia Piccinini, «Protein Lattice», 1997
Photography | © Patricia Piccinini

photo series; video installation

 Patricia Piccinini
«Protein Lattice»

»The reason that the rat was there was because the intricate process of growing three-dimensional, human-ear cartilage requires a capillary system and a blood supply. [...] The cartilage cells were taken from the boy, the skin and blood supplied by the rat. At this point I might ask a simple question in regards to the organic matter that was transplanted from rat to boy: To what species did it belong? And further, was the rat still a rat, or the boy still a human? [...] there really is no difference between a person and a rat. I have to admit to feeling a certain sympathy for laboratory rats and for models. Both are pieces of meat. They are organic vessels destined to contain the desires of those who utilise them.«

Patricia Piccinini