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Joe Davis «Riddle of Life»
Joe Davis, «Riddle of Life», 1994
Photography | © Joe Davis


Categories: Transgenic Art

Keywords: Body

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 Joe Davis
«Riddle of Life»

«Riddle of Life» is the final stop in an interesting yet widely unknown episode from the history of science. In the fall of 1958, the biophysicist Max Delbrück sent a mysterious telegram to George W. Beadle, who was in Stockholm to receive the Nobel Prize. The way in which Delbrück wrote his telegram reflected some of the new, exciting ideas about the nature of DNA and the functioning of the genetic code. At the same time, he anticipated the idea that extrabiological information—in this case the English language—might be able to be contained in a genetic form. The telegram consisted of a single ‹word› with 229 letters.

(Joe Davis)


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