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Marcel Duchamp «Rotoreliefs» | Marcel Duchamp with rotoreliefs
Marcel Duchamp, «Rotoreliefs», 1935
Marcel Duchamp with rotoreliefs, 1947 | Filmstill | Photograph: Arnold Eagle | © ;
Marcel Duchamp with rotoreliefs, a still from Hans Richter's film «Dreams That Money Can Buy».

Marcel Duchamp «Rotoreliefs» | Marcel Duchamp with rotoreliefsMarcel Duchamp «Rotoreliefs» | play flash movie

Categories: Animation

United States

 Marcel Duchamp

In 1935, Duchamp published 12 Rotoreliefs, which relate to the previous object »Rotary Demisphere« from 1925 and which illustrate the prinicple of rotary movement in an animated loop and stand for his interest in optics and motion. The application realised here transposes this principle by allowing to adjust the speed of rotation which in turn visualizes the different effects that can be achieved.