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Christian Ziegler «scanned V»
Christian Ziegler, «scanned V», 2001
© Christian Ziegler

Christian Ziegler «scanned V»Christian Ziegler «scanned V»Christian Ziegler «scanned V» | Scanned VChristian Ziegler «scanned V» | play video

Categories: Dance

Munich | Germany | 50' | personnel: 1 operator, 1 dancer, 1 light engineer; material: 2 cameras, 2 pc, 1 projection screen, wiring, 10 profiler (3 tripods), 3 pc or fresnels / 7 PARs, videoprojector 3000 lumen (screen distance 6–8 m, screen 4,30 x 3,30 m), rods to fix the screen, monitor, white dance floor, PA (2 x balanced audio) | Concept: Christian Ziegler | Director: Christian Ziegler | Sound: Todd Ingalls (interactive soundscape) | Music: Ryoji Ikeda: »mort aux vaches« | Participants: Jayachandran Palazhy (dance) | Edition / Production: Christian Ziegler, i-camp/Neues Theater München, ZKM Karlsruhe | stage performance; interactive dance performance

 Christian Ziegler
«scanned V»

In »scanned V«, dance forms the material of a visual process. Movement is digitalized and scanned producing a visual and acoustic dialogue between performance and live sampling. The media stage environment creates a condensed reflection of a performed choreography. With movements rendered painterly, »scanned V« connects dance and painting, the performing and the visual arts.

Part 1 (installation): »scanned V« displays scanned images of the audience moving into the theater.

Part 2 (dance – scanned): the computer system scans the movement of the dancer, interprets the information in realtime and proejcts the resultant process. Short movement sequences are recorded to disk which will be used later in part 3.

Part 3 (re – scan): an operator (vj) resamples and reoganizes the recorded performance to form a final picture of the choreography.

A choreography is created in the observer's mind.


Christian Ziegler