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Thaddeus Cahill «Telharmonium»
Thaddeus Cahill, «Telharmonium», 1906
© Thaddeus Cahill

Thaddeus Cahill «Telharmonium»Thaddeus Cahill «Telharmonium»Thaddeus Cahill «Telharmonium»

Categories: Audio Art

Keywords: Apparatus | Music

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New York | United States

 Thaddeus Cahill

Thaddeus Cahill developed plans, restaurants, saloons, hotels, schools, dentists’ offices, and beauty salons, establishing in each case different subscription rates for the cost of supplying the premises with Telharmonium music. For churches, the service was offered free of charge. Later, public spaces such as parks and streets were supplied with a musical coating, or a new musical genre, for example a music specially-devised for sleeping. Attention was also to given to music for factories, especially when applied in ways that motivated workers to higher levels of performance.


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