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Simon Penny «Traces»
Simon Penny, «Traces» Vision System, 1998 – 1999
Screenshot | © Simon Penny

Simon Penny «Traces» | Traces (installation view)Simon Penny «Traces» | Traces (scheme)Simon Penny «Traces» | Traces (3D model)Simon Penny «Traces»Simon Penny «Traces»
Concept: Simon Penny | Sound: Jamie Schulte (sound) | Edition / Production: Simon Penny, Andre Bernhardt (vision), Jeffrey Smith (graphics), Phoebe Sengers (agent system)

 Simon Penny
«Traces: Vision System»

Traces is the most recent in a series of projects which focus on the question of embodiment with respect to computational systems. The CAVE is an inherently more embodying technology that head-mounted-display VR: in a CAVE you share your physical space with virtual objects. But in both the CAVE and HMD-VR, the body is reduced to a single datapoint in the computational system: the coordinates of the tracker. To address this shortcoming, we have built an infra-red multi-camera machine-vision system which constructs a volumetric model of the whole of the users body in real time. The user is able to interact in a direct bodily way with the computational system and is not encumbered by wires or by pointing devices (which often require learned multi-button procedures).