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I/O/D «WebStalker» | Webstalker
I/O/D, «WebStalker», 1998
Webstalker | © I/O/D


«WebStalker» is a browser that imitates the structure of the Internet. If the user types in a WWW-address, the page appears as an HTML-code while the hyperlinks are presented as graphics. «WebStalker» was developed by a team of programmers and artists as an indirect critique of large web concerns’ inspiring illusion of actually being able to move when ‹clicking› one’s way through the Internet. Settled between technological development work and art, this project demonstrates a simple and reduced alternative to Netscape and Explorer, and makes available a mechanism that can be used to investigate the structural depths of the web. Contributors were: Graham Harwood, Stephen Metcalf, Scanner, Mark Amerika.


Heike Helfert