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Isabell Heimerdinger «Interiors» | Interior
Isabell Heimerdinger, «Interiors», 1997 – 2000
Interior | Photography | © Isabell Heimerdinger
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 Isabell Heimerdinger

* 1963 in Stuttgart, lives and works in Berlin. 1991 MFA, Academy of Visual Arts Düsseldorf, 1995 MFA, California Institute Institute of the Arts, Los Angeles, USA.
Heimerdinger’s central theme is the penetration of the cinematographic world and everyday reality, in which she concerns herself primarily with the figure of the actor for some years now. In photographic as well as cinematic testing setups, she plumbs the depths of the partly subtle differences between acted and authentic behavior, between role and identity, between posing and ‹genuine› expression. In doing so, she meanwhile uses strictly analog technologies again, such as slides, Polaroid photography, and 16mm film.