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Isabell Heimerdinger «Terri Watching Gloria again»
Isabell Heimerdinger, «Terri Watching Gloria again»
1999 | Filmstill | © Isabell Heimerdinger
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 Isabell Heimerdinger
«Terri Watching Gloria again»

The one-and-a-half-hour long film «Terri Watching Gloria Again» (1999) is composed of a single camera shot: one sees the actress Terri Phillips sitting on a sofa and watching «Gloria,» her favorite film by John Cassavetes. Terri’s dream of stardom brings her to L.A. as a young woman. In my video, she gives in again to her wish to become an actress. At times she recites passages of dialogue or makes gestures. In the end, she cries. Her crying is very important for me, and also for the later works: there being no way of telling if she really cries or whether the crying is a part of her performance.