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Isidore Isou «La télévision dechiquetée ou l’anti-crétinisation (Jagged Television or Anti-Cretinization)»
Isidore Isou, «La télévision dechiquetée ou l’anti-crétinisation (Jagged Television or Anti-Cretinization)», 1962 – 1989
Photograph: Lepostier Domage | © Isidore Isou

 Isidore Isou

b 1928 in Rumania; came to Paris at the end of World War II and called himself a «Lettriste,» a movement of which he was initially the only member. In the 1960s, Lettriste and Lettriste-influenced works were associated with the Situationists and became influential in 1968. The most immediately striking feature of Lettrisme as a form of visual poetry is its extensive use of calligraphic techniques and the invention not only of fluid letter forms, but of new and ever changing letters themselves, an art also called hypergraphie. It was influential also with regard to mail art, contemporary graffiti and dynamic forms of visual poetry of the 90s.

(Source: Karl Young: