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Guy Debord «Howling for Sade» | contemporary caricature for premiere
Guy Debord, «Howling for Sade», 1952
contemporary caricature for premiere | © Guy Debord

 Guy Debord

born 1931 in Paris; since the early 1950s, Debord spearheaded radical critiques of life in modern society. For the French radicalization processes of May 1968, he was crucially involved with the «Situationalistic Internationals». His handful of films are meanwhile considered the earliest attempts at a radical use of the medium; as early as 1952, using an extremely formal and content-related skeletal structure, his films waged an organized attack on cinema as the medium of the ruling class. More important, however, was the concept of the «Construction of the Situation» introduced by Debord in the mid-1950s, in the context of discussing artistic means, and later – as Happening, for example – used only formally but while allowing for meaningful reassessments of the Situationalists.
From the mid-1970s onward, Debord led a secluded life. He died in Paris in 1994.