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Jennifer Reeder «White Trash Girl»
Jennifer Reeder, «White Trash Girl», 1995 – 1997
1995 | Videostill | © Jennifer Reeder


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White Trash Girl

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United States

 Jennifer Reeder

«After I graduated from under grad at Ohio State, I really wasn't done making tapes. I thought, let's look for a video department. I found myself in Chicago in grad school and in a really very academic environment making really trashy work. My first semester was rough, but from then on out I found people at that school who were incredibly smart, really smart people who loved it. I mean, Laura Kipnis spoke there and I ended up meeting her. She is one of my theory heroes and she ended up interviewing me for a book called White Trash: Race and Class of America. And what's really funny is that it is being edited by some people who are at Berkeley. It was really ironic that at some point this work has really been embraced by both by the underground film people and certain academic people.»

Jennifer Reeder in an interview by Sarah Jacobsen