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Jennifer Reeder «White Trash Girl»
Jennifer Reeder, «White Trash Girl», 1995 – 1997
1995 | Videostill | © Jennifer Reeder

Jennifer Reeder «White Trash Girl»Jennifer Reeder «White Trash Girl»Jennifer Reeder «White Trash Girl»

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United States

 Jennifer Reeder
«White Trash Girl»

Part I »The Devil Inside Me« and Part III »Law of Desire« of this unfinished video trilogy show the monstrous adventures of «White Trash Girl.» Jennifer Reeder acts as the protagonist, a blond Super-Hero and Cyborg figure of a totally different kind: Born as the result of an incestuous rape, flushed down the toilet and raised in a chemical
dump, the female outcast struggles for her survival. Scenes of everyday violence are paralleled with scientific imagery on her birth.


Yvonne Volkart